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Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet
Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

Retail Price: $19.95

Product Code: DVD-LOP


Edition:1 DVD
Artists Featured: Daisy Khan, Hamza Yusuf, Karen Armstrong, Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Language: English
Running Time: 120 min.
Company: Unity Productions Foundation


A lively, thorough, and revealing portrait of Muhammad, the man and the Prophet. It takes viewers not only to the world of 7th century Arabia to examine the life and history of the man whom Muslims consider to be the last prophet, but also looks into the homes, mosques, and workplaces of some of America's seven million Muslims to discover the many ways in which Muslims today continue to follow Muhammad's example. Especially relevant in a post 9-11 world, this film shows a side of Islam and Muslims that is rarely encountered on the television or movie screen.

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DVD Features:

  • Virtual Hajj
  • "Making of" interviews with Michael Wolfe, Alex Kronemer, Michael Shwartz
  • Lesson Plans for teachers
  • Dialogue Guide for community film screenings
  • English and Arabic subtitles
  • Can be played in the US and most international systems supporting NTSC
  • Includes limited public performance rights