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Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World
Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World DVD

Retail Price: $19.95

Product Code: DVD-ART


Edition: 1 DVD
Artists Featured:Ruba Kana’an, Afshan Bokhari, D. Fairchild Ruggles, Sheila S. Blair, Jonathan M. Bloom, Mohamed Zakariya, Amy Landau, Mohammad al-Asad, Oleg Grabar, Gary Vikan, Roderick J. McIntosh, Kjeld von Folsachr
Language: English
Running Time: 90 min.
Company: Unity Productions Foundation
Price: $ 24.99


A ninety-minute documentary of stunning breadth and beauty, Islamic Art: mirror of the Invisible World transports viewers over nine countries and across 1,400 years of cultural history to reveal the astonishing riches of Muslim arts, crafts, and architecture. Exploring distant locations and many rare pieces of art, the film illuminates the history of a global culture, reflecting the Islamic world as it developed over centuries and as it is today.

DVD Features:

  • Extended Footage: The Djenne Mosque
  • UPF trailers
  • Online resources
  • Close Captioning
  • Can be played in the US and most international systems supporting NTSC
  • Includes limited public performance rights